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Dealing with Loss & Grief

the invisible string.jpeg
The Invisible String

Ages: 4-8 years

One of my favorite finds to date! This book can be used for children dealing with all types of loss, grief, and separation anxiety. In this book, the children are afraid to go to sleep alone and their mother reassures them that they are always connected to their loved ones with an invisible string, no matter how close or how far that person (or pet) may be. For such a complicated subject, it is written in such a positive and heartwarming way.

maybe tomorow.jpeg
Maybe Tomorrow?

Ages: 4-8 years

This is a beautiful and heartwarming story that depicts the feelings of grief, loss, and the difficulty in transitioning through life events. Elba carries around a big dark block while Norris dances everywhere he goes. This story demonstrates the power of friendship, kindness in healing.

rabbit and the motorbike.jpeg
Rabbit and the Motorbike

Ages: 5-8 years

This is a powerful and beautiful story about courage and risk-taking in the face of loss and sadness--leaving your comfort zone. Such a poignant book for anyone experiencing grief. In this story Rabbit is not such an adventurer and is inspired by his friend DOG. When Dog is gone, Rabbit must figure out how he really wants to live his life.

if you miss me.jpeg
If You Miss Me

Ages: 4-8 years

This is a great book to read after experiencing the death of a loved one. A little girl’s love of dancing connects her to her grandmother. When her grandmother can no longer come watch her dance and then dies, she feels sad and lost. Eventually, she finds a new way to keep dancing and feeling connected to her grandmother. I like how relatable this book feels for kids who are grieving or have someone in their family that is nearing death.

the memory box.jpeg
The Memory Box

Ages: 4-10 years

This book is a great resource for starting the grieving process. It is a very helpful guide for parents to gain the perspective of a child that is grieving- it covers different feelings and needs that a child may have through this journey. The back of the book has a guide for children to create their own memory boxes at home.

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