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Shaping The Brain In the First 5 Years

A guide to nurturing your child’s brain development for a lifetime of mental health, high self-esteem, and emotional wellbeing - all through the power of play and communication.

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Why this program?

Did you know that 90% of your child’s brain is developed in the first six years of life? This makes the first five years vital for building a lifelong foundation of self-love and emotional intelligence.


Your child’s environment and their relationship with you play a vital role in your child’s brain development. The good news is, you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to help them develop in the right direction. All you need are the right steps to guide them along the way through simple activities like play and conversation.


This is what you gain in the Shaping the Brain in the First 5 Years program.


Program Highlights:

The magic of playtime:

play is one of the biggest ways your child's mind develops in the early years. Try these playtime tools and techniques to take your playtime to a whole new level of growth and learning.

Developing a strong & healthy belief system:

harness the latest findings in attachment science to instill a set of healthy, uplifting, and empowering subconscious beliefs in your child.

An extraordinary relationship for an extraordinary mind:

discover how to nurture a deep attunement with your child - which science now shows is a monumental catalyst for brain development.

Autonomy from an early age:

how to help your child gain autonomy, independence, and deep self-awareness - from early childhood all the way to adulthood.

The truth about nature vs nurture:

how much influence do you really have over your child's development and character? The answer may surprise you.


What's included

  • Lifetime access to 6 easy-to-follow videos where Evelyn Mendal, LMHC, walks you through everything you need to know on temperaments

  • Worksheets with key takeaways and practical strategies to apply with your kids

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