"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice."

- Peggy O’Mara

My interest in child psychology began in college and since then, I’ve become:

• A certified Licensed Mental Health Counselor LMHC

• Trained in Infant Mental Health (ages 0-5)

• Trained as a Bringing Home Baby Educator by The Gottman Institute

• Licensed in infant massage

• Proficient in helping parents see the world through their Littles’ eyes at every stage

• A strong believer of the imperfect parenting movement

• I’ve also worked with tons of parents to make motherhood and fatherhood feel more like learning to ride a bike (with training wheels at first!) and less like a race car crash test.


I’ve always been a kid-person. There's something about the way children live their lives with open hearts, sparkly eyes, and no filters that keep me hooked.


I’ve helped a mom of 4 boys under 6 years old (bless her!) have better relationships with her kids (a.k.a replacing yelling & shaming with more effective and peaceful communication.)


I’ve helped an anxious expecting mom feel at peace and more prepared to become a first-time mom, so she can embrace her pregnancy & the imminent ” fourth” trimester!


I’ve helped a self-proclaimed “helicopter mom” stop hovering and start building confidence in her girls!

As a Mama



Not a chance. Just the other day I cursed out a truck attempting to cut me off from the next lane. Only toward the end of my incessant honking and vulgarity-filled rant (C-word and all), did I remember that my precious and very observant 3-year-old was sitting very quietly and attentively in her car seat. “Oh, F*ck!” I yelled, only to make things worse...


I also feed her way too much sugar. Our dentist warned she has an “almost” cavity, and she only eats beige boxed foods (but will happily pretend to eat 7 lbs-worth of plastic green veggies in her play kitchen).  


Yes, I still mess up. BUT I also practice what I preach, so I can say with confidence, that I have a strong, healthy, and resilient relationship with my daughter that can withstand the mess-ups and still thrive. My Little is learning to be independent, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, and determined, while she explores this big world.  

In short, I don’t expect you to make every choice perfectly (I sure don’t!) -- but together we can build a strong connection between you and your Little. They will thrive, and so will you (WINS all around!)

Some fun facts about my life and work:

•  I’m a total daddy’s girl - some say it’s a bit much. I say it’s never enough ;)  

•  I have such a close-knit family. Our 20-person Shabbat dinners have been a weekly tradition since I was just a Little.

•  If I had three months off, I would travel the world hunting for quaint coffee shops & freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.


•  Before working with parents, I worked with kids. Experiencing the world through their eyes was refreshing & magical. I learned from them, and I became humbled by them. I began to understand their language.


•  I believe every child is born innocent & good— with a desire for connection. And that parents are incredibly important in their growth from day one (technically prepartum!). This is why I started Hatch + Bloom. Because Mom and Dad, you’re truly irreplaceable!