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Exploring Temperaments

Understand your child’s unique behavioral traits and help them navigate their emotions and the world with greater confidence, self-love, and self-awareness.

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Why this program?

Some children are naturally outgoing, while others are shy. And some tend to be more focused, while others are constantly intrigued by their surroundings.

As a parent, you may already be familiar with your child’s behavioral traits and quirks like these - but do you know what they really mean, and how to work with them for the best outcomes?

The Exploring Temperaments program gives you a deeper understanding of your child’s behavioral makeup - and the attunement-based tools for matching your parenting approach with your child’s unique personality.


Program Highlights:

The truth about temperaments 

Discover the fascinating ways your child’s temperament influences their decisions, relationships, response to stress and adversity, and how they show up in the world.

Taking on the world 

A guide to helping your child navigate their environment and the people around them. You’ll also learn how to best deal with temperament-based challenges like social anxiety, overstimulation, antisocial behavior, and more.

Your own temperament matters too 

Your personal temperament is equally as important as your child’s - here’s how to harmonize both, and strengthen your bond with each other.

A unique approach for a unique individual 

How to adapt your parenting style to your child’s individual strengths and weaker areas, so you can help them achieve their full emotional, social, and intellectual potential.

The 9 types of temperaments 

A simple framework that gives you a deeper understanding of the unique person your child really is (you can use this on yourself too).


What's included

  • Lifetime access to 6 easy-to-follow videos where Evelyn Mendal, LMHC, walks you through everything you need to know on temperaments

  • Worksheets with key takeaways and practical strategies to apply with your kids

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