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On-Demand Workshops


Each Love Parenting program was designed to support parents through a unique easy-to-follow approach that combines science in brain growth, emotional intelligence, & the attachment relationship to set a child up for success through skill-building from the very start.


Shaping The Brain In The First 5 Years

A guide to nurturing your child’s brain development for a lifetime of mental health, high self-esteem, and emotional wellbeing - all through the power of play and communication.


Setting Effective Boundaries

Discover how to nurture a healthy sense of discipline and self-control by setting boundaries, creating a structured environment, and managing impulsive behaviors with love and empathy.


Raising a Confident Child

Guide your child towards a lifetime of confidence and resilience through simple shifts in your approach to communication, stress, and adversity.


Big Emotions. Little Bodies

Get the tools and perspectives to help your child deal with big emotions at every stage of their brain development - with far less stress, frustration and overwhelm.


Conquering the Day

From morning to mealtime to bedtime, explore brilliant ways to bring deeper connection, learning, and fun into you and your child’s daily activities.

Exploring Temperaments

Understand your child’s unique behavioral traits and help them navigate their emotions and the world with greater confidence, self-love, and self-awareness.

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